Washable Cotton Mesh String Organic Shopping Handbag


  • Reusable produce bags are made of 100% natural organic cotton and biodegradable material (without plastic, without nylon), which are much greener and can help eliminate innumerable plastic bags to reduce pollution and save energy. It will contribute to much greener habits of life.
  • Eco-Friendly -- Replace your paper and plastic bags with these 100% cotton reusable bags.
  • Strong & Durable -- These reusable totes expand to hold up to 40 Pounds, much past the weight of a normal grocery bag.
  • Lightweight -- Easily packed in your pocket, purse or glove box for Farmers Market, Grocery Store or Produce Market.
  • Machine Washable&Safe -- These eco bags which are 100% Cotton fabric can machine washable with cold water and are all natural and chemical free.
  • Authentic - with the SHINE US brand logo is our products, the rest are fakes, we are not responsible for the products without SHINE US logo, only the SHINE US logo is genuine, we support after-sales problems.
PRINTING : Custom Design

SIZE & THINCKNESS : Customized

APPLICATION : For storing fruits and vegetables. The mesh design can help keep cool and extend storage time. The produce bags can store toys, cosmetics, travel items, universal gift bags, gyms, yoga clothes, school lunches, office supplies, camping trips, road trips.