Free sample

These are the type of samples that are already made instead of being manufactured according to a buyer’s design and specification.

Sample paper bag

kraft paper bag  15*21*8CM 
kraft paper bag 21*27*11CM
kraft paper bag 32*27*11CM
kraft paper bag 26*32*12CM
kraft paper bag 42*31*13CM
kraft paper bag 20*26*14CM
kraft paper bag 28*28*15CM
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Sample paper box

Kraft paper box  6.5x6.5X3CM
Kraft paper box    9X6X4CM
Kraft paper box    10.6X8.6X4CM
Kraft paper box    14X17X3CM
Kraft paper box    15X8X4CM
Kraft paper box  16CMX10.2X5.5CM
Kraft paper box    18X10X6CM
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Sample paper tube

Paper tube internal diameter 3.5cm 
Paper tube internal diameter 4.5cm 
Paper tube internal diameter 5.5cm
Paper tube internal diameter 6.3cm  
Paper tube internal diameter 7.5cm 
Paper tube internal diameter 8.3cm 
Paper tube internal diameter 9.9cm 
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Sample resuable doypack

Aluminum foil doypack 9*14+3CM
Aluminum foil doypack 14*19+3.5CM
Aluminum foil doypack 14*19+3.5CM
Aluminum foil doypack 11*16+3CM
Aluminum foil doypack 16*24+4CM
Aluminum foil doypack 18*26+4CM
Aluminum foil doypack 30*42+6CM
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Sample refill jar

Bamboo bottle 20ml
Bamboo bottle 25ml
Bamboo bottle 30ml
Bamboo bottle 50ml
Bamboo bottle 100ml
Bamboo bottle 150ml
Bamboo bottle 200ml
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Sample refill bottle

Glass bottle 5ml
Glass bottle 10ml
Glass bottle 15ml
Glass bottle 20ml
Glass bottle 30ml
Glass bottle 50ml
Glass bottle 100ml
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Sample silicone brush

Silicone brush small size
Silicone brush middle size
Silicone brush big size
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Sample remover pad

Bamboo pad 8CM
Bamboo pad 10CM
Cotton pad  8CM
Cotton pad 10CM
Polyester pad 8CM
Polyester pad 10CM
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Sample suction nozzle bag

Aluminum foil suction bag 50ml
Aluminum foil suction bag 100ml
Aluminum foil suction bag 250ml
Aluminum foil suction bag 350ml
Aluminum foil suction bag 500ml
Aluminum foil suction bag 1000ml
Aluminum foil suction bag 1800ml

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