Compostable Paper Plates Party Paper Dinnerware Set


  • Material: Pulp Fiber 
  • Color:Nature


  • [ STURDY & DURABLE ]: Our plates are generally made from thicker materials (sugarcane bagasse) that are more resistant to tearing, soaking or bending. They are designed to hold heavier and wetter without sagging or breaking. Heavy-duty paper plates are a more sustainable choice, as they can be broken down & decomposed by natural processes, helping to protect the environment. They are a more friendly alternative to traditional paper plates, which are not biodegradable.
  • [ BIRODEGRADEABLE MATERIAL ]: Our paper plates are composed of 100% sugarcane fiber and the large-size utensils are made from compostable and sustainable birchwood, Both materials are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Unlike other corn starch material alternatives, our premium wooden cutlery provides a stylish and comfortable dining experience, unlike cornstarch alternatives. These compostable items are a greener option than plastic or other materials.
  • [BIODEGRADABLE PLATES SET ]: Includes disposable plates and paper plates. In addition, this set includes supply of compostable utensils:  forks, knives and spoons. 
  • [ MICROWAVE & FREEZER SAFE ]: Our compostable plates are suitable for microwaving and can endure temperatures up to 248°F without losing their shape & can also store leftovers in the freezer without compromising their quality. Wooden cutlery effortlessly slices through various foods, including steak, vegetables & fruits. Our square plates are not only heat-resistant but also oil-resistant, leak-proof and safe for food contact. They remain unbleached, dye-free and non-toxic.
  • [ SUITABLE FOR ANY OCCASION ]: Our Eco-friendly plates serve as a versatile and upscale choice for diverse events that require disposable tableware. Compostable plates find utility in outdoor activities like picnics, barbecues and camping, as well as festive occasions such as parties, weddings and gatherings. They're also suitable for larger events like conferences, conventions and community fairs.