What Is Kraft Paper

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How is Kraft made?

Kraft paper is made of wood and has the advantages of 100% natural and 100% renewable materials. Therefore, the raw material wood is first converted into pulp and then spread in sheet form. Various manufacturing steps such as pressing, drying, and rolling are then carried out.

The last manufacturing step allows kraft paper to be placed in the form of large scrolls. Then, it will be sent directly to the factory for molding derivative products, such as advertising bags. This packaging greatly facilitates its transportation and storage.

What impact for the environment?

Due to its natural raw material, kraft paper is a biodegradable product with no significant negative impact on the environment. It is also a recyclable product that requires very few resources to manufacture. Once recycled, kraft paper will be used to produce other pulp rolls. Note that the manufacture of recycled paper requires 6 times less water and wood and 20 times less wood than virgin paper.

The strength of "kraft" paper

The word "Kraft" originated in German and means "strength". The choice of this term is explained by one of the main assets of Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper is the material of choice for the manufacture of special bags and pouches for food enterprises, and can also be used to manufacture the lining of cement bags ordered at construction sites. The only limitation of the resistance of a kraft paper bag is the sharp aspect of its contents.

Kraft paper bags

Some kraft paper bags, such as our flat handle catering bags, can hold up to 5 kg (these catering paper bags have a breaking strength of 7 kg), this weight meets all the needs of the catering industry and is also suitable for any other activity that wishes to use such bags.

Kraft paper bags are a type of
packaging material made from wood pulp in the kraft process. Compared to other forms of packaging materials, this kraft paper bag or biodegradable plastic packaging is stronger. These are also rougher in terms of texture. The materials produced for kraft paper bags are painted brown, although there are many other kraft paper packages painted white.

kraft paper bags or biodegradable plastic packaging are often used as grocery bags or envelopes. These kraft papers are also used to make cartons, bags, and paper moving pads. These kraft pulps are mainly used on the outside of crate boxes produced in mainland Asia. They adopt this because pulp includes the strength and quality of the pulp.

Carton is produced from unique cardboard or cardboard. In addition to several other types, this is the most familiar type of packaging product. Aseptic cartons produced from kraft material or biodegradable plastic packaging are also commonly referred to as four-packs. This kraft paper bag or possibly biodegradable plastic packaging is commonly used for liquid items. Both plastic packaging cartons and kraft paper bags are well versed in packaging purposes. They have specific characters that are appropriate for these items. With the development of technology, the quality and strength of items are getting better and better. Instead of just using the usual paper or lining or bezel, to facilitate these types of paper to last longer. At the same time, the recycling of these materials has also developed.

Other kraft material products

One of the most important characteristics of kraft mail is that it is largely biodegradable. It is made from 100% recycled materials and is therefore environmentally friendly. Now, businesses are constantly being questioned about how they contribute to environmental health. Therefore, it makes sense to use eco-friendly kraft paper bubble mailings that will help keep the environment green, leading businesses to brag about the efforts they have made to help the environment stay that way.