How Your Kids Do not Find Their Christmas Gifts

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Is your child overly curious? Does that scare you that they'll find the gift you bought for Christmas? Maybe they deliberately snooped and didn't stop until they found the gift. If any of these situations apply to your child, don't worry anymore! Hiding gifts requires some ideas, but it's easy to make sure your child doesn't see their gifts before the big day.

1.Hiding Your Child's Gifts
  • Hide gifts. If your child is afraid of the dark or afraid of bugs, they may avoid searching places like attics. They may not even be able to get there. Hide gifts in a garbage bag to prevent them from getting dusty
  • Hide gifts outdoors. Not entirely in public, though. Put gifts in a cardboard box in the attic/basement/place where you choose to hide your gifts. Label them boring, like the "Algebra Learning Guide" so kids aren't more judicious about what the box actually is!
  • Hide the gift in the trunk of the car. If your child can't see the trunk from where they usually sit in the car, then you should hide gifts here. Just make sure they're in some normal, opaque containers so you can keep your gift safe!
  • Hide gifts in your underwear drawer. Unless they are very determined to find their gift this year, your child won't love going through the parents' underwear drawer! Similarly, you can hide gifts in a cardboard box covered with dirty clothes in your closet. It works equally well.
  • Hide gifts in the self-storage room. If you choose to hide your gift in self-service storage, you may not have to do any of the other methods in the article. With 24/7 security monitoring and password controlled locks, your kids won't be able to snoop here. Just make sure they don't receive your password.

2.Search-Proofing the Gifts

Place gifts in cardboard boxes filled with peanuts or bubble wrap. That way, they can't shake the box to figure out what's inside. You can also put more boxes in large boxes, around the actual gift.

You can also do this with a bagged gift.

The large box where the double-wrapped gift is located. For the most adventurous snoopers who try to open the gift before it should be opened, you have to make it more difficult so that they eventually give up or get caught. Use stronger wrapping paper and make sure to pack the entire box.

For bagged gifts, put them in a lot of bags and tape them on top so it's obvious if the gift has been tampered with.

Put a lot of bows and ribbons on each gift. Even the most determined know not to mess with bows and ribbons. They are so easily damaged that they cannot be repaired, and it is almost impossible to put them back into their original condition. Since this is a huge deterrent, you'd better put 2-4 ribbons on each gift.

You can still put ribbons and bows on the bag! Simply place them in the pipe tape area at the top, as described in the previous step.

Hide a small security camera in one of the bows and ribbons. This is a clear way to help your case, as if a child decides to explore the area, they will be caught almost immediately.

3.Establishing Snooping Rules

Explain that all standard house rules still apply during the Christmas period. Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean your kids should forget all the rules.

Some special provisions for snooping have been added. Explain that snooping is not allowed at any time, and that gifts can only be viewed and opened on Christmas morning.

Make sure your child knows the consequences of snooping. If your child is still poking and poking after the rules are in place, tell them that the next time they are caught, they will lose every gift they see. Use the security camera you installed on the gift to find the gift they see.

Be firm when packing gifts. Don't feel sad. If they only get 2 gifts at Christmas, it's their fault. However, if they're fine and stop snooping, please give them some more gifts later.

Explain the rules of Christmas morning. Assuming that everyone should stay in their own bedroom until the designated gift opening hours (preferably 7:00), anyone who does not follow the rules will confiscate the gift.

Avoid leaving gifts under trees. To avoid your child being tempted to peek at gifts, don't let them sit under a tree. They may open them when you're not looking. Instead, wait until Christmas Eve to place the gift under the tree.


You can also place security cameras around your house instead of gifts.

If your kids are indeed search gurus, the best option is to hide gifts in self-service storage because they don't have passwords.

If you suspect that your child is peeking at their gifts and they have been peeking at more than one Christmas, your best bet may be to teach them a lesson that snooping is not fun for anyone and that it will spoil the surprise.

To do this, use some of the methods in this article to catch them peeking, such as setting up the camera. Once you've gathered clear evidence that they peeked at gifts, one or two events should be good, and the gifts are in some conspicuous place, such as a closet or basement. Most kids know to look there, and if they choose to keep looking, they can find them almost easily. Continue to catch them using foolproof methods,

But this time put them in a new place. Once you see them, show video evidence.