How To Apply Three Shades of Eye Shadow

2022-11-16 11:37:28 view:

In a cosmetic aisle adventure up and down in a drugstore or favorite department store, you have undoubtedly seen kits with eyeshadows in three or four colors, packaged in a compact package. Manufacturers do this to let you take the guesswork out and find three shades that work together in the same color family – light, medium and dark. You can certainly use one color for your entire eye area for a simple and clean look, but once you know how to apply all three, you'll be amazed at the beautiful eyes you'll see looking back at you!

Apply eye primer to clean eyelids; This will prevent your makeup from wrinkling throughout the day. On primer, apply flesh-colored eyeshadow or concealer from the lash line to the brow bone. With concealer as a base, let the colour you use start with the perfect skin in the eye area, a clean canvas.

Apply the medium color of the lash line to the crease. You can use the applicator that comes with the kit, or if you have a brush, use an eye brush with a larger flat tip. The brush will provide better shape and more control, but that's a personal preference.

Pick up the crease eyeshadow brush (or clean the end of the applicator you just used) and press the darkest color onto the crease. Those who do not have a noticeable crease can dot the color in the outer corners of the eye in a V-shape. The darkest colors are often used to outline the eye, making it appear to have greater depth and dimension to the eye.

Spin the larger eyeshadow brush in the lightest color. Gently pat the excess and apply the product to the brow bone. If you like the look of a doe's eye, apply the lightest color to the inner corner of the eye next to the bridge of your nose. If the color has a shimmer and you want to make your eyes shine even more when you go out at night, take some shadows in the center of your upper eyelid. When light catches the shimmer, your eyes become the focal point.

Clean the same brush (or applicator) with a paper towel and then blend the brush to remove any hard lines in eye makeup so that where one color ends and the next color begins is seamless. You've probably heard this known as the dividing line, and you don't want to see it in any of your makeup!

So, with just a few simple steps and a few extra minutes of time, you can create a gorgeous and attractive eye look.